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A Theme Day is Not a News Hook

There is a “day” for everything, in every field, and on every platform. Don’t believe me? Here’s just one list:

Now repeat after me: a marketing “day” is not the same as creating a news hook.

I know, I know, your favourite morning show did a whole segment on Pie Day on March 14 (3.14) and Star Wars is everywhere on May 4 (May the fourth be with you). These are kickers or attempts to trend and boost their own metrics. They’re also easy content and a chance to have fun.

So if it’s the main focus of your pitch, congratulations. You have a first draft. Now go back and start again.

The theme day can be a suggestion you make on where they might program your idea. But if the idea hinges on these made-up days, then you’re basing your content on a make-believe concept. It won’t hold water.

A good hook is solid; it’s fixed to something. Focus your idea on the actual problem you want to focus on, and how you propose to solve it. Is there a real-world event that can affect this problem or change the dynamics?

For example a change in lending rates will always impact the real estate market. That’s a solid hook. 

Open-concept living room day? Not so much.

This is why we follow the editorial calendar and look for trends in the news and pop culture cycle. Figure out how your idea connects to the real things people are dealing with as a part of life, not a trending topic.

For help on following the editorial calendar, download our FREE 2024 Social Media Content Planner 


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