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If your digital marketing needs more than organizing ideas, we can help with that too. After all, what's the point of organizing ideas if the strategy is a hot mess (or non-existent).

At McEwen Media, we believe businesses and solopreneurs need their own social media strategy support. We make the distinction between influencers and people with influence.

An influencer is the story and message. Their main purpose is to collect as many followers and likes as possible.

A person with influence knows they're the messenger. They're focused on building a community of engaged followers, no matter how small. The approach is different. The success metrics are different. The advice is different.

And we outline it all in our five-part workshop: Social Media for Solopreneurs.


In these five sessions, you’ll get an in-depth look at how McEwen Media developed a social media strategy that works AND allows us to work on the business.


It’s no question, consumers are making their decisions online. If your social media marketing could use a boost, a refinement, or even a first step, this workshop has the answers.

Sessions are live every day at 2 pm ET from November 27 to December 1. We’ll cover:


  • Branding that leaves a lasting impression

  • Simple strategies to get you started

  • Content creation made simple

  • Authenticity (and how it can help you sell more, faster)

  • And content hacks to help you create more content in less time

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