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The Stories We Tell

I'm in the business of creating and empowering stories.

I'm also in the business of shedding stories.

The stories, excuses and "reasons" that keep us from achieving something we really want to do. There are some stories that are toxic. We know they're not serving us, so we drop them with relish.

But what about the stories that feel like self-care? Those can hold us back too.

In November, I spent three days in Arizona on a personal development retreat. It was the most beautifully curated event designed to guide us into our greatness. One activity was horseback riding.

I was given a horse by the name of Ender. A gentle horse whose coat reminded me of my dog. As I settled into the saddle, the rancher gave me some guidance on how to ride this particular horse.

Ender is a former rodeo horse. A champion who specialized in an event where the rider had to scoop up a calf from the horse. A physically demanding event. As such, Ender's mouth was sensitive, so I didn't need to pull the reins too hard to get a reaction.

As I rode Ender, gently guiding him along the trail and gently stopping him from trotting, I started to think of my own competitive past.

Seven years ago I ran my first marathon. And I haven't been able to get back into the training groove ever since.

But the groove of stories and excuses? Well, that hasn't stopped.

"I injured myself from over-training"

"I've put on weight and it's slowing me down"

"I'm seven years older than when I last trained"

All of these stories came to mind as I rode Ender. A former athlete who is not at his peak, but still moves. Still likes to trot, and would probably gallop if I were more experienced.

The only difference is a sensitivity to the reins.

By the end of the ride, I realized I can train for another marathon. It's true, I have certain sensitivities affecting my run. My left knee sometimes needs attention. I've put on weight and run slower than before. And yes, seven years have passed.

None of this matters.

I can train for another marathon and be aware of the new sensitivities my body has.

Our stories can hold us back or push us forward. All it needs is an edit and a decision to want a different ending. What stories are holding you back? What do you need to drop? How can I help you write your new chapter?


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