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Five Things I Learned My Third Year of Business (Part 4)

On May 5 2021 I registered my business and committed to building … something. I had no idea at the time what it would turn into. One thing I discovered early on: the experience would allow me to grow in ways I never thought possible. Now, every year from May 1 to May 5, I share the top 5 things I learned about myself and my business in the past year.


Lesson #4: Find a Place for Feelings

Building a business is an emotional experience. Especially in the early years where successes and setbacks are felt so strongly.


You’re constantly building something that only exists in your dream. You’re communicating a strong vision to your team, but it’s based on something vague and deep in your own mind.


Fear is a constant companion. Every decision, every sales call, every social media campaign and workshop carries the weight of your future success.


What do you do with these feelings?


If you have a partner, they can offer support. But they also rely on your livelihood, so there’s a chance their fear will amplify your fear.

There are some who say to lead with vulnerability and take these concerns to the team. The idea being everyone has a vested interest and will rally together to ensure success. I draw the line at sharing these fears with the team. Your team can leave anytime. Their vested interest is not as deep as yours.


Also, sometimes the feelings need to be processed, not solved.


This is where I have discovered the power of networking groups and Masterminds. I’m in two Mastermind-style groups with other business owners. We meet once a month, and this is the container where I share my wins and my fears.


Sometimes I need solutions. Most times I need reassurance. Every time I learn so much from hearing what other business owners are dealing with. It deepens my understanding of what I do and what I can try next.


Find a network of other business owners and create this space with them. These are the people who do not have a vested interest in your business, but they do have the skills and experience you can learn from.


Fear is often triggered by the unknown. The future of any business is unclear. If you fill this with advice and shares from people who have been where you are, it’s incredible how quickly that fear subsides.


Here are just some of the business networking groups I’ve found helpful in moving through the uncertainty of building a business:


·      Hina Khan, Peak Performance Coach

·      Corporate Connections

·      BNI

·      Verity

·      Forum



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