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McEwen Media Courses

Full-Circle Media Strategy

Our three-second pitch is "I get you on TV". 

How we do this begins and ends with your social media. 

This is the basic premise of our Full-Circle Media Strategy. With our approach, you will establish yourself as an expert in your field on your social media. You do this with consistent, quality messaging across all platforms.

We begin here by expanding and exploring your expertise. You'll receive guidance on how to elevate production and performance levels. Plus, how to create content more efficiently so you don't give up after the first month.

Once your social media is on solid footing, we look at how to leverage this with other media opportunities, including:

  • Television

  • Podcasts

  • Speaking engagements

The more impactful your thought leadership, the more media opportunities will come your way. It's how Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, and Jay Shetty all became household names - by sharing quality, valuable content.

At McEwen Media, we approach all content as journalists and producers. We don't follow trends. We don't believe in templates. 

We champion stories and create impactful storytellers, like you.

Various client appearances on TV

What is it?

A three-month group coaching program where you expand and establish your expertise on every media platform. Develop the confidence to show up as a subject matter expert in every scenario. It’s not just about the events you create for yourself; it’s about the confidence to say yes to opportunities you never expected.


Who is it for?

Business owners, solopreneurs, and thought leaders who want to claim a bigger spotlight. Individuals who have a great deal of specialized knowledge to share with others, but fear, doubt, and imposter syndrome get in the way.


Who is the coach?

Tara McEwen is an award-winning producer (The Marilyn Denis Show) and Founder of McEwen Media. Tara blends her years of producing experience with her coaching training and what she’s learned in building her own brand, McEwen Media.


Using her signature Full-Circle Media Strategy, Tara shows other business owners and thought leaders how to establish their expertise on social media first. From there she guides them how to pursue larger media opportunities (TV, print, podcasts, speaking engagements). She also shows how to leverage these opportunities by turning them into social media content for more efficient content creation.


At the core is using this process to explore your personal brand: who are you? What do you want to be known for? How do you want people to feel in your presence? As you expand your visibility, you’ll also meet your “edges”: the fears and limiting beliefs keeping you from taking up more space. Through coaching sessions, we explore these boundaries and together learn how to overcome them.


What outcomes can you expect?

You can’t outperform your self-image. This is a basic principle in positive psychology and plays a huge role in establishing your brand through media. The more confidence you have in your expertise, the more opportunities you will attract and show up for.



  • You can expect a stronger social media presence, creating content that connects a community and builds a strong brand.

  • You can expect stronger thought leadership that more confidently connects to the news of the day, attracting media attention.

  • You can expect to say yes to invitations to speak on new subjects.  

  • You can expect to handle rejection better, and learn how to turn a no into a new opportunity.

  • You can expect to inspire others and feel more comfortable with attention.



What’s involved?

Throughout this journey, you'll receive bi-weekly coaching lead by Tara McEwen, award-winning producer and Founder of McEwen Media. She developed the Full-Circle Strategy and uses it to grow her own brand. Use this time to work through any challenges, frustrations, or questions you have about the process. By month 2 you'll find yourself pitching media, with Tara's guidance and insight.

The full agenda balances video tutorials you can learn at your own pace with live coaching to put those lessons into practice.


Week one: social media branding basics (video)

Week two: live group coaching

Week three: managing ideas and creating a social media system that scales (video)

Week four: live group coaching

Week five: pitching media (video)

Week six: live group coaching

Week seven: media mindset (video)

Week eight: live group coaching

Week nine: interview prep (video)

Week ten: live group coaching

Week eleven: live group coaching

Week twelve: graduation call!

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