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Media Mentor Program

The creative process can be lonely and isolating. And when it comes to pitching yourself to media, this process can also eat away at your self confidence.

If you find yourself getting stuck sending the same ideas or you don't even know where to begin, this program is for you.


There are many programs that can teach you how to pitch. In fact, we offer a free Masterclass on the topic. But sending a pitch email is just the beginning.

Who are you? What makes you an expert? Why would people want to listen to you speak on this topic? All of these are questions producers ask when they receive a pitch. And when you're asking yourself these questions, it can block your creativity and mess with your self-confidence. It's these limiting beliefs, not your experience or qualifications, getting in the way of getting you booked.


This is where this group program is unique and unlocks the creative magic inside you.


Guided by two award winning producers (Tara McEwen from The Marilyn Denis Show and Kate Wright from The Social, you'll get monthly support with pitch ideas and strategy. You'll also have the safe space you need to work out your expert brand. Test your content and presentation in a secure setting before you ever take it to a mass audience.


Weekly sessions take place Mondays at noon ET with replays always available once you enrol. Here's what we cover:

Week 1: Group brainstorming

Week 2: Social Media strategies to get you media coverage

Week 3: Practice interviews and group feedback
Week 4: Leveraging media and guest speakers


Plus, you get on 1:1 session each month with a McEwen Media Consultant to work on your idea and your pitch strategy.


What are you waiting for? Start today and begin your journey to becoming a star in your field. 

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