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Keynote Speaker Representative

This roles is:


Position Details

This role is commission-based and remote.

The role will be approximately 20 hours/per week. The successful candidate will track and submit commissions based on client agreements at the end of each month.

This role has the opportunity to develop into a manager role as the business and team expand.


Successful applicants will be able to meet and discuss projects with the team between the hours of 9-5 pm EST.

This role requires 1 virtual meeting per week with Tara to discuss tasks and review progress on outreach. The successful candidate will be responsible for updating progress inside shared spreadsheets and updating the team on connections made in real-time.

This role will also require monthly check-ins with our speaker clients to update them on progress and discuss outreach strategy.

McEwen Media Consulting is one of the fastest-growing talent agencies around! Combining the talents of two award-winning lifestyle producers, clients are hitting incredible media goals regularly. We guide experts from pitch to presentation, to leveraging opportunities with great results. We operate on the belief that anyone given the proper support and armed with strong storytelling from our Team can become a media darling; this positive attitude is attracting exciting opportunities for our clients and consultants.

Our ideal Candidate is someone who…

Is drawn to what is possible in life and can approach obstacles and setbacks with creativity, curiosity and humour.

We dream big for ourselves and our clients.

Strong communication skills are also key. Physically we work independently (with home bases in Toronto and Fredericton), so clear communication, self-directed work and regular updates are vital.

Our clients and colleagues need to see the efforts we’re putting in to make their dreams come true. TV is our primary focus, so a love of all things television is key. It’s also vital to be on top of the latest news, trends and lifestyle programs.

Overview of Role:

Must be a self-starter and creative thinker. You lead with a story and can craft a strategy that works for the client and corporate partner. This client-facing role involves contacting cold leads to find the right people for our team to develop connections with. This role is an integral position designed to support the company to build and maintain profitable relationships with our clients and brand partners.

Reports to Tara McEwen

Role and Responsibility:

Tasks will vary based on client needs but will include:

  • Connecting with keynote speakers to develop a deep understanding of the core message.

  • Developing marketing materials (including a speaker one-sheet) and pitch strategy.

  • Organizing the schedule, arrival details, and key deliverables as outlined for event/ booking.

  • Providing creative feedback to keynote speeches when requested.

  • Researching cold leads and developing warm leads.

Platforms used regularly:

Required- Google Suite (Gmail, sheets, word)

Asset- ClickUp, Wix websites, Honeybook

Desired Skills:

Journalism/ PR background

Excellent written and spoken communication

Independent worker

Outgoing + willing to contact new people via email and cold calling

How to apply:

Please email and include the following:

1. Format your email and subject line as though you’re pitching yourself (because you are!)

2. Include any relevant experience and/ or attach your resume + cover letter

3. Let us know your background in media (production, PR or both). What skills or training do you have that might apply?

3. Why are you interested in this position? Please share what excites you about this opportunity, what appeals to you, and why you’re applying.

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