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Where Thought Leaders
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I'm Tara McEwen

Social Media is the new television.

It's where people are getting their information.

It's where they find entertainment.

And it's where they make consumer decisions.

Is your thought leadership up to the task of commanding a large audience and directing this attention to where you need it most?

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to approach your content like a TV producer. It's how I'm building the McEwen Media brand and how I'm helping clients elevate their messaging for the masses.

Using my signature Full-Circle Media Strategy I can help you establish your expertise on your own media, then leverage this with TV appearances, podcasts, and speaking opportunities.

The Full-Circle Media Strategy builds out your specialized knowledge, brings it to a large audience, and grows your brand value. And we make it easy for you to share as much of your specialized knowledge as possible.

Forget the templates, the formulas, and the strategies your competition is also following. Learn how to produce like a producer and create authentic, impactful content with consistency and ease.

Scroll below for how you can work with us, or book a call to figure out the best option for you

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Michelle Cinapri

"After working with you last year (OMG, I can't believe it's been a year already!) we spent some time rethinking our pitching for Juno and it has really paid off! Dr. Bianca, one of their lead RVT's, has been on The Social and The Good Stuff with Mary Berg. Relationships with both shows have been super positive, so we expect her to be a recurring feature with them. She's actually doing her second segment with The Social today!" 

Elizabeth Compton

"Each step brought me to another level that it was almost like armor, layers of armor that slowly was being removed. We think the armor is protecting us, but what it’s actually doing is confining us. Each time I felt this growth, and that I was coming out."

Angela Champ

"After 3 months of having zero response to any of my pitches, even from BT and CHCH Morning Live, which usually email me back, I got two bookings today.  One is for May 28 on CTV Morning Live and one is May 31 on Daytime Ottawa.  On that show, I'll be on 2 segments in the same episode!"

Work With Us

Learn our signature Full-Circle Media Strategy while getting in-person coaching and guidance from Tara McEwen. , award-winning producer and Founder of McEwen Media. She developed the Full-Circle Strategy and uses it to grow her own brand.

In this three month program, you will receive video instruction explaining every step of our approach to building an editorial brand, leveraging it with bigger media appearances (like getting on TV) and then repurposing this content on your platforms for even more thought leadership. By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of your expertise and where it can take you.


You will create a social media system you can manage on your own or with a team. You will spend more time nurturing your thought leadership and less time churning out content. All the while building a strong brand you can literally bank on.


Throughout this journey, you'll receive bi-weekly coaching lead by Tara McEwen. Use this time to work through any challenges, frustrations, or questions you have about the process. By month 2 you'll find yourself pitching media, with Tara's guidance and insight (plus access to our media database we use to pitch 1:1 clients).

$3,000 + tax

Got questions?

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Book a Clarity Call and discover the right plan for your needs.

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