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Where Thought Leaders
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I'm Tara McEwen

How would your life change if you were the go-to subject matter expert in your field?

Would you attract more business?

Would you attract better business?

Could you change your industry for the better?

Whatever your motivation, establishing yourself as the key subject matter expert in your field lies in your thought leadership. Yet this is where so many high-achieving professionals fall flat.

They undermine their expertise. They dismiss their authority. They bury their knowledge under sales speak, thinking you have to keep everything "behind the paywall".

I have the opposite approach.

Using my signature Full-Circle Media Strategy you can create valuable thought leadership that establishes you as a leader in your field AND grows your business.

The  Full-Circle Media Strategy emphasizes being the expert on all media platforms. Start with social media. The right content can lead to bigger stages, such as TV and speaking engagements. Then leverage these opportunities to grow your business and create more thought leadership. What you get is a self-sustaining content wheel that is constantly creating value for you, your followers, and your business.

Are you ready to change your life? Scroll down to find out how.

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Michelle Cinapri

"After working with you last year (OMG, I can't believe it's been a year already!) we spent some time rethinking our pitching for Juno and it has really paid off! Dr. Bianca, one of their lead RVT's, has been on The Social and The Good Stuff with Mary Berg. Relationships with both shows have been super positive, so we expect her to be a recurring feature with them. She's actually doing her second segment with The Social today!" 

Elizabeth Compton

"Each step brought me to another level that it was almost like armor, layers of armor that slowly was being removed. We think the armor is protecting us, but what it’s actually doing is confining us. Each time I felt this growth, and that I was coming out."

Angela Champ

"After 3 months of having zero response to any of my pitches, even from BT and CHCH Morning Live, which usually email me back, I got two bookings today.  One is for May 28 on CTV Morning Live and one is May 31 on Daytime Ottawa.  On that show, I'll be on 2 segments in the same episode!"

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Weekly Group Sessions + Foundations Course

Valid for 6 months


  • Access to the full five-module course for six months.

    • Hone in on your expertise

    • Write a media-worthy pitch

    • Find the right contacts

    • Prepare for an interview

    • Give a memorable interview

  • Access to weekly sessions lead by an award-winning producer

    • Monthly content brainstorming sessions

    • Social media strategies to grow your brand

    • Practice interviews and public speaking

  • Membership to our exclusive online forum

    • Access to full library of lessons

    • Exclusive social media network where you can get support

    • Celebrate with other group coaching clients

Monthly option: $1,150/month for 6 months

Pay-in-full option: $5,550

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