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Founder and CEO Tara McEwen

Tara McEwen

Founder of McEwen Media, Strategist, Media Coach


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Toronto, On

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A Bit About Me

Tara McEwen is an award-winning producer (The Marilyn Denis Show), speaker, andFounder of McEwen Media. A skilled storyteller from a young age, Tara is a mastercommunicator specializing in connecting with mass audiences on an intimate andentertaining level. 

As Founder and CEO of McEwen Media, Tara works with business owners and thought leaders to create compelling content worthy of top TV stations in Canada.These skills empower anyone where communication is key to success: sales, leadership, information exchange.

Tara has taken what she’s learned from decades producing television and appliesit to her speaking and workshops. An inspiring and entertaining speaker, Tara will transform your audience into confident, dynamic communicators.

Keynote topic: "The Truth is in the Details" How the pursuit of truth isn't about being right, but in the ongoing exploration of a deeper understanding

Available workshops:

The Art of Authenticity

If your keynote or presentation relies on slides, you haven't put enough thought into your storytelling. Using Tara's signature speech (full version below), you can learn the art of "word painting", and the power of holding an audience by capturing their imagination - no slides required.

On-Camera Confidence

Whether you want to appear on TV or lead a meeting on Zoom, capturing an audience’s on-screen attention requires skill and confidence. Learn from award-winning producer Tara McEwen on how to boost your confidence and sharpen your presentation skills to own any screen 

How to Pitch (and Get Results)

Where the art of persuasion meets the economy of words. A concise, well-constructed pitch that captures your idea with what your target audience is looking for will guarantee success in any field. Learn from award-winning producer Tara McEwen on how to distill and communicate your story, product or idea in the most effective way possible.

Speaker Experience

Amplify Your Voice
June 23, 2023
Toronto, ON

Podcast Appearances

Before the Business

The Powerful Woman with Poppy Owen

Empowered In My Skin

The Mindset Mentor

Getting it Wrong in Conversation

Business Mentorship; Keepin' It Real

Getting it Wrongwith Tara McEwen
00:00 / 31:32
Photo left to right, Roger Caeser (public speaker), Tara McEwen winner of Amplify Your Voice Recital, Gaby Mammone (public speaker and coach)

Speaking Appearance

A graduate of the Amplify Your Voice speaker training and winner of the program's recital, Tara is an engaging and gifted storyteller.
Her signature talk "A Closer Look" explores multiple themes around how the stories we tell about others impacts how we see the world.

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Founder and CEO Tara McEwen
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