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Go Beyond Television

Our core promise is helping people get booked on television. But to truly benefit from that kind of exposure, you need a solid social media presence to keep the audience interested in you. Work with our social media team on the specific support you need now. You don't have to sign up for a huge plan, or pay hefty agency fees. Take a look at our menu and pick the strategic and creative support you need.

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Social Media Menu

White Flowers

General Social Media Strategy Sessions

  • Choosing social media marketing goals that align with your brand/business objectives 

  • Creating audience personas

  • Conducting a competitive analysis

  • Creating a social media audit 

  • How to track meaningful metrics

  • Finding inspiration 

  • Creating a social media content calendar 

  • Creating a social media listening plan

  • Setting posting schedule

  • Creating content


Social Media Community Management Strategy Sessions

  • Understanding social media and digital accountability and responsibility 

  • Creating valuable content

  • Creating a distinct brand personality 

  • Understanding social media customer service

  • Engaging community members

  • Strategy for developing a social media community 

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EDI Social Media Strategy Sessions 

  • Create a culture of learning 

  • Investing in your social media community growth 

  • Level up your compassion and empathy in terms of social media and content creation

  • Learn how to take a proactive approach to EDI in terms of social media and digital content creation

  • Learn about true authentic representation of BIPOC 

  • Understanding privilege on social media 

  • Creating content with diversity and representation 

  • Tapping into current events surrounding EDI

  • Building Brand EDI knowledge 

  • Fostering a social media culture of inclusion

White Flowers

Digital and Website Services

  • Blog Posts 

  • Editing articles 

  • Bios & About/Our Story Pages 

  • Newsletters (Weekly & Monthly)

  • Blog Ghostwriting 

Specific Social Media Sessions

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Custom Hashtag and SEO Strategy

  • Optimize Your Instagram & TikTok Profile for Search 

  • Writing Descriptive Captions 

  • Creating Content Pillars 

  • Understanding Community Hashtags

  • Understanding Branded Hashtags

  • Understanding Campaign Hashtags

  • Understanding Hashtag Strategy

  • How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account


Social Media: Personal to Professional

What's the difference between running your personal social media accounts and running a professional/brand social media account?​

  • Hashtags

  • Researching Hashtags

  • Humour

  • Crisis Management

  • Copyright & Permissions

  • Comments

  • Strategy &Research

  • Engagement

  • Social Media Wellness

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Custom Social Media Strategy

  • Comprehensive Audit of Current Accounts

  • In-Depth Social Media Strategy

  • Hashtag Research + Strategy

  • Community Management Strategy 

  • Defined Social Media Goals

  • Best Practices

  • Engagement Methods

  • Social Media Platforms to Pick From: Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, & Twitter

Pleated Fabric

Fractional Content Creation

Clay Texture

Filming and Editing

  • Tagging along to significant events

  • Day-in-the-life, Interviews in the moment

  • Capturing vignettes to support your brand

  • Ideal for speaking/coaching events

  • Service includes:

    • Creative kick-off call to discuss story

    • Client is responsible for setting up location and event

    • Full-day available for shooting

    • 1 to 2 days of editing, depending on length

    • Get fully edited piece formatted for YouTube (1920 X1080) and then reformatted for multiple platforms

    • 1 to 2 days of client revisions (anything beyond two revisions is subject to additional charges)

    • Travel is extra

Abstract Texture

Graphic Creation

  • One month’s worth of graphics (posts and stories) around the theme of your choice

    • Eight posts in total (two a week for four weeks)

    • Includes: pull quotes, promotional material, campaigns (thought leadership and pamphlet material)

  • Sourcing quotes: from your content as well as in your beat

  • Formatting in your style (if you have a good sound byte)

  • Campaign material: IG lives, workshops, recurring features

    • Working with your graphics package, we will deliver multiple assets you can use to post more frequently on your social media

    • Synopsis, date, time, details

Pink Material

Editing Only

  • Client provides footage and instructions (including inspirations for look and style)

  • Service includes:

    • Creative kick-off call to discuss style

    • 1 to 2 days of editing, depending on length

    • Get fully edited piece formatted for YouTube (1920 X1080) and then reformatted for multiple platforms

    • 1 to 2 days of client revisions (anything beyond two revisions is subject to additional charges)

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One Off Photos and Graphics

  • Client provides photos and info, we take care of the rest

    • Touchups and colour-correcting

    • Adding graphics 

    • Writing captions

    • Sending for client approval

    • If client has a Meta Business Account you should be able to add us and we can upload the content for them

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