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Quality Over Quantity

Last month I updated my client funnel to see which warm leads I could reach out to with information on upcoming events. That's when I noticed something incredible: absolutely everyone in my funnel is someone I would love to work with.

For the service providers reading this, how many of you can say that? About every person who has connected with you about your services?

It took a while for me to come up with my ideal client. In the beginning, I wanted to make my services available to anyone with a story. And I still do. But not every person with a story needs to invest the time and money to work with me.

Once I realized this, I did two things. One: I started sharing more thought leadership online. Two: I got clear with myself on who is best served by my skills.

My ideal client is someone whose business is running smoothly. They have the right automations and people in place so they're not wearing all the hats. They have the time and desire to put attention on themselves.

Most of all, my ideal client has an overwhelming feeling that they have something of value to share. Their message needs to be heard by millions so it can help everyone who comes into contact with it.

This is the client I have in mind when I sit down to write a blog post. Or share a video. I speak to their specific issues. I focus on thought leadership, visibility, and limiting beliefs. I don't focus on moving units or boosting sales (even though that can be a side effect).

The more specific I am in my approach, the more I attract the right client. I've saved myself hours of discovery calls with clients who aren't the right fit.

I'm happy with all of my social media numbers. The one I'm happiest about is the number of perfect clients connecting with me regularly, at varying levels of working with me. It's thought leadership well spent.

I go deeper into this social media approach in our week-long workshop Social Media for Solopreneurs. Get your tickets today!


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