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Mental Motivators for Creatives Part 4

How "one and done" can help you work through fear

Stage fright has a way of limiting our creative expression even if there isn't a physical audience.

Think of your social media feed. You put something and instantly want it to go viral, basking in the glory of validation from complete strangers.

Or think of a team meeting, when you share an idea you hope will be instantly

received and celebrated. "No notes! You saved the company. Here's your corner office with a view!"

It's exciting to dream of these rewards, but how often do they happen? Now you're in this

space where you want the dream, but it's weighed down by past disappointments.

Doubt takes over and you find yourself consumed with figuring out how to control the outcome. How to save the algorithm for more likes. How to pre-pitch and road test your idea before it's ready for the perfect launch.

We think we're being productive, but we're really creating from fear.

Fear of the unknown. Fear of how this idea will be received. Fear of the nameless, faceless crowd.

I'm been taking a public speaking course since The beginning of the year; where I had the good fortune to hear a guest speaker named Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson

Her talks have gone viral and she's shared stages with highly influential people.

And she shared her technique for calming nerves while commanding a crowd.

She calls it the "one and done."

She knows when she shares her story, no matter the platform and audience size, at least one person will be transformed by her message. One person will hear exactly what they need to hear in order to heal. She talks to that person.

She doesn't know who they are, but it's the one person she holds in her mind when she gives her speech.

It's a beautiful technique to gain control over an imposing scenario.

You don't need to reach the thousands in a theatre, or the millions of users on a social media platform.

Just know that one person will benefit from your message and talk to that person.

I use this my own content creation and have started sharing this in our Media Mentor Program. From the pitch, to writing out talking points, to answering questions in an interview, think of that one person who really needs your information. Hold them in your mind and tailor the content to them.

You'll be surprised how many you can reach when you focus on just one.


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