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Media Mastermind

Welcome to the Media Mastermind!


First of all, congratulations on building your media profile to this point. What you have created is incredible and you should be proud of your achievements.


But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. And that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.


If this is your first Mastermind, prepare to be amazed by what you’ll create. The term was coined by Napolean Hill and refers to what happens when three or more people come together to solve a problem. They create an additional mind and creative field, known as the Mastermind. This is where new ideas, new solutions, and new possibilities come from.


Even the most accomplished person will hit the limits of their own mind. The Mastermind is a safe space for you to expand your limits, find new ways to grow, and explore new possibilities.

Here’s what membership to the Mastermind gives you access to:


  • Weekly group coaching sessions with our broader Media Mentor Program. The discipline of working on content every week will ultimately see you creating faster, better content. This happens every Monday at noon ET.

  • Two 1:1 coaching session with Tara to identify your goals and push you further. This is where personal and professional growth happens. You don’t want to play small here.

  • Monthly Mastermind sessions held the first Tuesday of each month at noon ET. This is where you share updates, present challenges, and receive support from the group.

  • Access to McEwen Media’s partners supporting:

    • Social media content creation

    • Brand partnerships

    • Business operations

    • Show development


In order to become the person you’re meant to be, you need to let go of the person you have been. The Media Mastermind guides you through this process through on-going coaching and resources support so you can design a business that fully receives the attention your media profile creates.

Meet Your Coach

Tara McEwen is an award-winning producer and founder of McEwen Media. Blending decades of TV experience with certified coaching, Tara is committed to guiding thought-leaders and entrepreneurs to commanding larger audiences. She sees herself as a champion of positive messages and stories. Her signature approach to media training is focused on authenticity and quality connections. A self-confessed personal-development-junky Tara is also committed to expanding her own media network ensuring she can keep pace with the goals of her talented roster of clients.

Headshot of Tara McEwen

What people say about working with McEwen Media:

Each step brought me to another level that it was almost like armor, layers of armor that slowly was being removed. We think the armor is protecting us, but what it’s actually doing is confining us. Each time I felt this growth, and that I was coming out - Elizabeth Compton, real estate agent

There’s value in feeling comfortable and the fact that you can do it. There’s things, like with any job, there are tips and tricks and things to do that can still be natural. And they don’t feel like they’re tips and tricks. It’s like bringing something from inside you out.


- Val Upfold, Hospitality Consultant

Two Payment Options

$3,000+tax/month for 6 months

One Payment $16,000+tax

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