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Full-Circle Media Strategy


How would your life change if you were the go-to subject matter expert in your field? Would you attract more business? Would you attract better business? Could you change your industry for the better? Using my signature Full-Circle Media Strategy you can create valuable thought leadership that establishes you as a leader in your field AND grows your business. The Full-Circle Media Strategy emphasizes being the expert on all media platforms. Start with social media. The right content can lead to bigger stages, such as TV and speaking engagements. Then leverage these opportunities to grow your business and create more thought leadership. What you get is a self-sustaining content wheel that is constantly creating value for you, your followers, and your business. In this course I take you through my approach to creating Social Media as a Solopreneur. Consistent content creation doesn't have to be a chore. Creativity is simply a matter of making quick, informed decisions. In this five-part workshop, you'll hear from the team that helped establish the McEwen Media brand and how you can apply their specialized knowledge to work for you. This section also includes a resource guide and manual on how I set up my content creation the same way I ran a daily lifestyle television show for 11 years. Once your thought leadership is a self-sustaining process, your thought leadership value will expand. Take your expertise to other media platforms with the lessons in "How to Become a Go-To-Media Expert". In this section we'll further explore what it means to be a subject matter expert to larger platforms. You'll learn how to pitch, who to pitch to, and how to give a memorable interview. You'll need good clips to leverage as more thought leadership on your social media! With TV and podcast appearances in hand, you can then repackage this as thought leadership with minimal effort! Don't worry, the resource guide also includes my go-to tools for this and how to used them.

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