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Tara McEwen

Founder McEwen Media, Strategist and Coach

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Tara McEwen

Tara McEwen is an award-winning producer (The Marilyn Denis Show), speaker, andFounder of McEwen Media. A skilled storyteller from a young age, Tara is a mastercommunicator specializing in connecting with mass audiences on an intimate andentertaining level.

As Founder and CEO of McEwen Media, Tara works with business owners andthought leaders to create compelling content worthy of top TV stations in Canada.These skills empower anyone where communication is key to success: sales,leadership, information exchange.

Tara has taken what she’s learned from decades producing television and appliesit to her speaking and workshops. An inspiring and entertaining speaker, Tara willtransform your audience into confident, dynamic communicators.

In Tara McEwen's signature keynote "The Truth is in the Details" she shares the story of a "challenging" interview as a young journalist. The subject refused to give her the story she wanted. When she discovered the truth, it was an eye-opening experience on how confirmation bias keeps us from truly understanding the world right in front of us. How she arrived at this truth has set her on the path of leading with curiosity and checking her own bias.

Watch here for the core anecdote:

The Truth is in the Details

The Powerful Woman with Poppy Owen

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The Mindset Mentor

Business Mentorship: Keepin' It Real

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